• 5 Best Reasons to Employ the help of a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant

    If you are planning on entering Canada, employing the help of a Licensed Immigration Consultant is your first step to making the right decisions for your immigration process. Here are 5 reasons to consider:

    1. Ethical Code of Conduct

    Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants or RCICs must abide by a strict and integral Code of Conduct. This code ensures that clients receive sound, realistic and professional advice and services. This code controls things such as how to treat clients, how to manage money matters, and how to promote honesty and professionalism in the Canadian immigration sector.

    1. Accountability

    “Regulated” is the magic word here. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are held accountable for their work. This means clients can submit complains to the ICCRC (the official regulatory body) if a consultant is not working according to the Code of Ethics and is not representing them properly. Find your consultant’s name and number on the ICCRC website to ensure they are a member in good standing.

    1. Up to date legal information

    Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants must study all of Canadian Immigration Law, pass a complex licensing exam and must take at least 16 hours of Continuous Professional Development courses each year. This is to ensure consultants keep up with the constantly changing immigration laws and regulations.

    1. Quality Control

    RCICs are audited regularly. The ICCRC checks that a consultant’s files are in order, that they use a standard retainer agreement, that they manage clients’ monies accordingly, and that they complete their 16 hours of continuous professional development. If a consultant does not successfully pass the audit, he must pause his services until he resolves all his issues.

    1. Get an Assessment of your Qualifications and listen to Professional Advice

    Start by scheduling a consultation with a regulated immigration consultant to receive guidance on your situation. You will get all your doubts resolved and you might learn about a new program you didn’t think of. After the consultation, take time to decide if you want to do your application alone or use the professional support of your experienced regulated immigration consultant!

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